Customized Temperature Sensors

Together with our manufacturer TEWA Temperarute Sensors (a CTS Company), we develop application-specific temperature sensors for you. The TT4 series includes temperature sensors consisting of NTC/PTC thermistors or platinum elements (Pt100-Pt1000), which are assembled in metal or plastic housings.

This manufacturer is characterised by a very wide product range with an excellent price/performance ratio and outstanding electrical properties. Due to the high degree of flexibility, it is possible to realise customer-specific requirements even for small quantities in corresponding sensors.

By using special materials for the housing (e.g. stainless steel, steel, copper, etc.) and for cable insulation (e.g. PVC, silicone, FEP, fibreglass, etc.), the temperature range can be from -100°C to +600°C, depending on the sensor variant.

These sensors are used in the fields of industrial electronics, medical technology, automotive, consumer, consumer electronics and many more.

  Resistance values:  NTC, PTC, PtRTD, KTY
  Resistance tolerance:  ±0.25% - 5%
  B values:  2700K – 5100K
  Minimum operating temperature:  -100°C
  Maximum operating temperature:  +600°C
  Wires/Cables:  PVC, Silicone, FEP, Fiberglass, Other
  Certification:  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UL, ATEX