Smart Products

Innovative solutions for intelligent products.
Your expert for electronic components.

In a world that is increasingly focusing on smart products, we support you as a distributor of electronic components in developing innovative and networked products that set market standards. Our high-quality components are specially designed to optimize the functionality, reliability and user-friendliness of your products.

Product portfolio


Powerful and energy-efficient components for a wide range of applications.


Precise sensors for movement, position, environment and more, enabling reactive and adaptive product functionality.


WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC and other modules for seamless and secure communication.


High-resolution displays and interactive touchscreens for a user-friendly interface.


Solutions to increase energy efficiency and battery management for a longer service life.


  • Product development and design-in support: Support from the idea to the market launch, including technical advice and product optimization.
  • Supply chain management: Efficient logistics solutions that ensure on-time delivery and warehousing.
  • Technical training: Specialist training for in-depth technical knowledge and the use of new technologies.

Commitment to quality and innovation

We work closely with leading technology manufacturers to bring you the most advanced and highest quality components. Our products meet the highest industry standards and help your smart products stand out from the competition through outstanding quality and innovation.

With our deep understanding of the dynamics of the smart products market and our expertise in providing cutting-edge technology, we are the ideal partner to drive your product development. Contact us to find out how we can work together to realize the next generation of smart products.