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ENDRICH mainly distribute protection devices of renowned and world wide acting manufacturers in form of a representative.
We support all customers in different areas and like to provide them the best solution for all kinds of protection problems.
This means that you will have one competent supplier for all your protection needs!

Surge/ESD protection generally means to protect electrical and electronic equipment from excessive voltages (surge/ESD transients).
If a certain voltage value exceeds the rated voltage it can cause malfunctions or errors in applications or can even lead to a complete destruction of these (worst case).
Overvoltages are caused by lightning (surge), capacitive or inductive switching (burst) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) events.
To eliminate these unwanted events components are used, which clamp (clamping devices) or lower (crowbar devices) these surge pulses to a tolerable level.

Overcurrent is the condition where the current is greater than the rated current (maximal allowable current) of the equipment or conductors, resulting from an overload, short circuit, or ground fault.
The most fundamental requirement in any electrical system is proper overcurrent protection of conductors and equipment.
An overcurrent protection device protects the circuit by opening the device when the current reaches a value that will cause an excessive or dangerous temperature rise in conductors.



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