Grid-Eye-Thermopile Array

This sensor has 64 thermopile elements arranged in an 8x8 matrix. This makes it possible to realise compact solutions for the non-contact measurement of temperature distributions. The 64 thermocouples ensure extremely precise temperature measurement. The integrated silicon lens enables a field of view of 36°, 60° or 90°. The measured values can be read out 1 or 10 times per second as required via the I2C interface.

The interrupt signal output enables a fast response to time-critical events and thus offers an increased degree of flexibility. Using the 64 detection elements, Grid-EYE can detect temperature differences through passive infrared detection and thus recognise several objects simultaneously. Grid-EYE is able to measure the actual temperature and temperature gradients, provide thermal images and identify directions of movement. Compared to simple thermopile sensors with only one element or pyroelectric sensors, Grid-EYE offers decisive advantages.


  • Digital output (I2C)
  • Interrupt signal output
  • SMD component (reflow compatibility)
  • Range of 8x8 (64) pixels
  • Frame rate: 10 frames/s or 1 frame/s

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