Logistics centres

Endrich has modern logistics centres that guarantee efficient warehousing and fast shipping,
to offer our customers reliable and prompt delivery.

Storage centres

Main logistic centre Nagold

Welcome to a new dimension in logistics! Our state-of-the-art logistics centre in Nagold with an area of approx. 8,500 m², equipped with leading technologies such as AutoStore for small parts and sliding rack storage for palletised goods, offers the most efficient and advanced solution for storing products.

 Thanks to the revolutionary AutoStore system, we have redefined the way small parts are stored and picked. The compact storage robots navigate effortlessly across the storage system to find and deliver any required part quickly and accurately. With this automated solution, we get the most out of our storage space and ensure optimum utilisation.

Our high-performance sliding rack warehouse for palletised goods also enables us to store products efficiently and securely. With the help of innovative technology, we can arrange pallets as required and make them quickly accessible. This minimises delays and speeds up the picking process considerably.

We understand that logistics is also critical to our customers' business success. That's why we've invested to ensure our warehouse and logistics solutions give you a competitive edge. With our modern infrastructure, intelligent automation and a dedicated team of professionals, we offer you a seamless and effective logistics chain.

Our logistics center was expanded by 4,000 m² in April 2024 to meet increasing demands and provide even more space for products.


Logistik Hub China

For our customers in Asia, we founded a joint venture with one of our long-standing manufacturers in Changzhou, China, in 2018. This joint venture acts as a logistics hub to offer our Asian customers an even faster and more efficient service. The direct warehouse in China shortens the transport routes between our suppliers and our customers. This leads to greater sustainability, a reduction in CO2 emissions and therefore also to a significant improvement in our CO2 footprint and that of our customers.

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