Smart Building

Intelligent building solutions.
Your specialist for the distribution of electronic components.

In the course of urbanization and the increasing demand for energy-efficient and intelligently networked buildings, as a distributor of electronic components we offer tailor-made solutions that significantly improve the efficiency, safety and comfort of buildings.

Product portfolio


Environmental sensors for temperature, air quality and humidity, which enable optimum indoor climate control.


Intelligent controllers and automation systems for lighting, heating and cooling.


Access controls and surveillance cameras for increased security standards


Robust network solutions for reliable communication and integration of different systems.


Components for monitoring and controlling energy consumption.


  • System integration: Support with the integration of components into existing and new building infrastructures.
  • Project management: coordination and management of all phases of the installation process.

Commitment to sustainability and innovation

We focus on sustainable and future-proof products that not only reduce operating costs, but also minimize environmental impact. Our selection of components supports the realization of buildings that meet the latest environmental and energy standards.

As your trusted partner for smart building solutions, we are committed to making your buildings smarter and more efficient with innovative products and expert service. Contact us to find out more about our products and services and how they can meet your smart building requirements.