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Optikai szenzorok széles skáláját kínáljuk, melyek között megtalálhatók a fototranzisztorok, fotodiódák, fotomegszakítók, fotoreflektorok és piroszenzorok is.
A legtöbb optikai szenzoros alkalmazásban a fotodióda és a fototranzisztor mellé szükséges az infravörös LED is, valamint egyes esetekben olyan érzékelőre van szükség, ami az emberi szem spektrumában a legérzékenyebb, ilyenek a látható fény szenzorok és a fotocellák is.
A piroszenzorok mellé Fresnel-lencséket kínálunk, melyek a leggyakoribb mozgásérzékelőkben használatosak.


Citizen Electronics (CE) is a Japanese manufacturer of optoelectronic devices. Citizen Electonics was founded in 1970 and is one of the first manufactureres of SMD-LEDs of the world. There is a sales office located in Frankfurt / Germany which supports direct and the distribution customers. The main product lines of CE are high power LEDs up to 180W, low power SMD-LEDs and optical sensor devices like reflective and transmissive interrupters.
Everlight Electronics Co. , Ltd was founded in 1983 in Taipei as a manufacturer for optoelectronic devices. Everlight was played an important role in development of LED technology and is nowadays  one of the  biggest producers of optoelectronic devices. Everligth offers a wide variety of devices like High-Power-LEDs, low-power SMD- LEDs, LED-Displays, photocoupler and IR-components.

NICERA (Nippon Ceramic Co., Ltd) is a Japanese company, founded in1975 and located in Tottori area. The core products of NICERA are ceramic devices and semiconductor materials which are used to make infrared sensors to protect property and life, ultrasonic sensor for car safety and theft prevention, Hall sensors for detecting magnetic fields and ferrite material for producing coils.
SILONEX Inc. designs, manufactures and markets optoelectronic devices and sensor solutions. SILONEX was acquired by API in year 2013. Its expertise in optical sensor design and integrated manufacturing meet the most challenging application requirements. A number of various markets are addressed by Silonex’s innovative optoelectronic-based sensor solutions, including Industrial Controls, Banking, Vending, Medical and Telecommunications.
CT Micro International Corporation is a Customer Oriented and Technology Driven Company. It is dedicated to the design, marketing and sales of Optoelectronics and Discrete MOSFET products. With more than 15 years of products knowledge, CT Micro can help to realize any design right from component selection up to actual finished product implementation with minimum effort and time.

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