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Az Endrich világítástechnikai projektekhez 0,1-től 1 Watt teljesítménytartományban kínál kis teljesítményű fehér SMD LED-eket. Német, osztrák valamint svájci vevőink pedig COB (chip-on-board) LED modulokat is vásárolhatnak nálunk 3,1W - 550 Watt teljesítményhatárok között. Ezekkel a modulokkal a fényintenzitás elérheti a 70.000 lument is.
Az SMD LEDek háromlépcsős Mac Adam Binning alkalmazásával kerültek válogatásra.
Színes LED-ek mindenféle standard tokozásban 3 Watt teljesítményig kaphatók.

Kiegészítésképpen a fenti LED-ekhez beltéri és kültéri meghajtókat, foglalatokat, lencséket, reflektorokat és hővezető fóliát is tartunk a kínálatban.
Örömmel segítünk kiválasztani az Ön felhasználásához leginkább illeszkedő komponenst!


Citizen Electronics with head quarter in Japan, was found in 1970, is the first COB LED manufacturer, which offers those LEDs since 2003 and is developing continuous new products.
To offer a direct support to the European customers Citizen established C-E Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt in 1999.
The portfolio of Citizen includes COB LEDs up to 180 W and SMD LEDs up to 1W.
For all of the LEDs they are using high class Nichia Chips to guarantee the Citizen quality standards.
EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan. Playing a critical role in the formation of the global LED industry, the company is rapidly ascending to become a leading supplier due to its dedication to certification, R&D, production, quality, marketing and global customer service. EVERLIGHT provides a diverse product portfolio consisting of High Power LEDs, Lamps, SMD LEDs, LED Lighting Modules, Digital Displays, Opto-couplers and Infrared Components for various applications.
Inventronics is market leader for LED drivers in Asia. He is a design-driven manufacturer, who only uses premium components. Constant current drivers are available up to 240 Watt, constant voltage drivers up to 300 Watt. The lifetime is at least 100k hours, this is reached with a low system temperature of max. 45°C at full load. Most of the drivers come with IP67 as standard protection class and are therefore ideal for outdoor applications like tunnel and brdige lighting, street lamps, industry bays, etc.
Lumotech, founded 1978, is a manufacturer of high-end LED-drivers for indoor applications, design and production is in Europe. All drivers have the ENEC approval and 5 years warranty. The power bandwidth is from 5 to 100 Watt. In all wattage groups drivers with enhanced output voltage level over 40 Volts are available.
DOMINANT Opto Technologies is a dynamic Malaysian Corporation that is amongst the world’s leading SMT LED manufacturers. Since year 2000, the prime activities of the company are in designing, developing and manufacturing of opto semiconductor components mainly Light Emitting Diodes.
DOMINANT offers a comprehensive LED to cater for product segments for automotive, consumer, communications and industrial applications to fulfill the worldwide demand of LED applications.

All key personnel in DOMINANT have more than 20 years in-depth technical knowledge in opto semiconductors and as a continuously improving organization. DOMINANT strives to improve the technical level with advance recruitment and cross project development with various leading multinational companies.
LEDiL Oy, founded 2002, Salo, Finnland is specialized in design-in and manufacturing precision engineered lenses and reflectors for High-Power LEDs. Since its founding in 2002 LEDiL has developed more than 4300 optical LED solutions and offers today over 2500 standard products optimized for use with LEDs produced by the world’s most prominent LED manufacturers. They have two productions in Finnland and China.
nPowertek (Thermal Transtech International Corporation (TTIC) was founded in 1998. The company is specialized in Aluminum and Copper heat sink products, manufacturing & design, especially in heat sinks, heat pipe, heat sink cooling solution, also for Citizen COB LEDs CLL022 – CLL052.
Kunze Folien was found in 1985 and is a leading supplier of customized heat-management solutions. Their challenge is the necessary education of the heat which is incurred by the power dissipation. We offer you suitable cooling foils for the Citizen LED which are available in different materials.
BJB is connected with the lighting technology since 140 years and offers new and continuous user-friendly holder systems suitable for our Citizen LEDs. Since 2013 they also offers some spot light connectors for Citizen LEDs according to the Zhaga standard.
Bender+Wirth as system supplier for the lighting industry supplies since 100 year the international lighting industry with high-eng holders for the electrical contacting.
Together with leading suppliers they develop new base systems fore conventional light sources and innovative LEDs.

Tyco as international concern for different electronic components started to offer high-end LED holder for solderfree mounting LEDs since 2013.

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