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A Power Thermistor, also called Power NTC or inrush current limiter, is an electronical component which suppresses inrush currents of electric circuits.
Switching power supplies, AC motors, and lighting ballasts can induce an inrush current of more than 100 times the nominal current when the circuit is switched on.
The Power Thermistor heats up when an inrush current passes through it.
The heat up causes a dramatic decrease in resistance and protects electric equipment from being damaged.


The SEMITEC Corporation was established 1958 in Tokyo, Japan. The company offers a bright range of products in their portfolio: thermistors (NTC), thermistor sensors, power thermistors, infrared sensors, thermopiles, surge absorber (VRD + Zenamiv MOV) and their world wide well-known and high quality current regulative diodes (CRD).
SEMITEC brand CRDs have been considered top class regarding their high reliability.

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