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One of Endrich's core competences is implementing customised displays. We guarantee our customers individual support during the development of LCDs matching their specific requirements. On the basis of our specialised know-how and years of experience we can offer our customers the best and most cost-effective products for meeting their requirements. On the basis of a wide range of technologies Endrich supplies solutions for industry, audio, telecommunications, medical or automotive applications. In addition to the customer-specific solutions, we offer a variety of standard alphanumeric and graphical displays.


SOLOMON Goldentek Display
SOLOMON Goldentek Display (SGD) specialises in extremely high-quality TFT modules in the range 3.5 to 8.0 inches – modules that are particularly suitable for industrial applications.
Compared to the products of other market players SGD products are characterised by the fact that all sizes are available in high bright and ultra high bright versions. With a five year operational guarantee on workmanship and interface, SGD has an excellent market position. Standard for all models are the resistive touch panel and LVDS interface. The FPCs and PCBs can be designed in accordance with customer wishes. As an additional highlight, back-light drivers are available as standard for many TFT modules

RiTdisplay Corp.
In the past 10 years RiTdisplay Corp. has grown to be a world market leader for passive OLED displays. The spectrum of these products extends from monochrome to full colour OLEDs.
Raystar Optronics, Inc.
Raystar Optronics, Inc. specialises in the production of standard alphanumeric and graphic OLED displays as well as monochrome LC modules. In the last few years Raystar has succeeded in making a name in the Taiwan market as an OLED panel manufacturer.


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