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MPS Magnetic Angular Position Sensors
MPS MagAlpha magnetic angle position sensors offer a revolutionary way to measure angles. MagAlpha sensors use the patented “SpinAxisTM” measurement system in which the phase angle output from a Hall sensor array is compared against time to give the instantaneous angle position in digital format. See Fig 1.

The “SpinAxisTM” technique has allowed MPS to develop a range of angle sensors fitting different types of end application from low cost consumer rotary knobs to high speed motor commutation, position control, and general high resolution angle measurement.

MagAlphaTM Angle Sensors offer the following advantages:
• Instantaneous Angle Sensing: up to 1us sample rate, 3us latency at 100k RPM
• High resolution up to 14 bit
• Support for shaft rotation speeds from zero to over 100K RPM
• Wide magnetic field range support from 15mT to 150mT working range
• End and Side Shaft magnet positioning
• Low Power Consumption: 3,3V 12mA
• Small Package Form Factor: 3x3 QFN16 package
• Cost effect solutions

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