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A main criteria for choosing a board is the processor power. The processor power has to be high enough to control the connected display and to perform the desired functions (MPEG decoding, silverlight, JAVA,...). Furthermore are interfaces like Ethernet, USB, CAN, RS232, I²C, SPI,...required in industrial and technical devices.

Board Strategy
If during development phase or a later redesign the requirement for higher processor power or more interfaces comes up, this can lead to serious problems. But this is not valid for boards by F&S Elektronik Systeme. Every board family by F&S Elektronik Systeme offers pin and software compatible boards. More boards are introduced annually and are added to the board family or replace faced out boards (not before 10 years).
With this board strategy the customer has to take no risks.
Depending on the customer's requirements, one of the board families can be employed, every board family meets different conditions.

Project Guarantee
We offer a project guarantee for all its customers by our partner F&S Elektronik Systeme.
We will solve together all upcoming problems during development (hardware, as well as software) and fulfill your wishes.
Aim is to complete the customer’s project successfully and to continue supporting after the start of the series production and throughout the lifetime of the project.
Another important feature of the project guarantee is the long-term availability of at least 10 years.
Our project guarantee paved the way for F&S boards in numerous applications of major customers all over Europe.


F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH was established in 1990 and is specialized in Embedded Boards with WindowsCE and Linux (Android). The boards enable to connect simple and cost-optimized displays as well as further peripheral devices via various interfaces. Several form factors (including Q7) are avail-able for CoM-Boards and PicolTX for SBC. The boards are equipped with Freescale Cortex-A5/Cortex-A9 CPUs up to Quad-Core which are available for 10 years. Also F&S has their own as-sembly production, produced with modern production facilities in Stuttgart, Germany. Furthermore, many years of experience in the Embedded Market result in innovative and up to date customer solu-tions, completed by an extensive soft- and hardware support.


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