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Part no. Supplier Voltage [V] Nom. Capacity [mAh] Max. Charge Current Max. Discharge Current Temperature [°C] Max. Dimensions [mm] Details
E5 Micro USB

EVE 1.5 1600 0.3 C 2 C -0 ~ +60 14.5 x 50.5 di più >>

ICR18650 20P

EVE 3.6 2000 2 C 10 C -20 ~ +60 18.4 x 65.1 di più >>

ICR18650 26V

EVE 3.6 2550 1 C 3 C -20 ~ +60 18.4 x 65.1 di più >>

LI14500J 1s1p

Jauch 3.6 850 0.2 C 2 C -10 ~ +60 15 x 53 di più >>

LI18650JS 1s1p

Jauch 3.6 2600 0.2 C 2 C -10 ~ +60 20 x 69 di più >>

LI18650JPBF 1s1p

Jauch 3.6 3350 0.2 C 1.5 C -20 ~ +60 20 x 69 di più >>

LI18650JP 2s1p

Jauch 7.2 3350 0.2 C 1.5 C -10 ~ +60 20 x 36 x 69 di più >>

LI18650JP 1s2p

Jauch 3.6 6700 0.2 C 4.5 C -20 ~ +60 20 x 36 x 69 di più >>

LI18650JP 2s2p

Jauch 7.2 6700 0.2 C 7.0 A -20 ~ +60 38 x 38 x 69 di più >>

Best quality from our manufacturers

Jauch Quartz GmbH and EVE Energy Co. Ltd (EVE) provide cylindrical lithium rechargeable batteries, which – due to its features – are usable in wide areas of application and offers a long cycle life ( > 1,000 cycles).

The robust steel case of the cells is welded by laser and hermetically sealed, to guarantee leakproofness. The cells are equipped with safety vents as a standard feature to ensure the highest level of safety. The design is optimized technically to enable the usage in most diverse applications.

Key Benefits (Jauch):
- High Energy Density
- Low Self Discharge Rate
- Safety Protection designed in Germany


EVE Energy Co., Ltd was founded in 2001 and specializes in high-energy lithium batteries. EVE is the largest provider of Primary lithium cells within China.
EVE insisted on independent development and technological innovation. Those strong believe brought rewards and today EVE holds 43 national patents.
Our products are widely used in the global smart meter, automotive electronics, security, data communications and intelligent transportation and other fields.
EVE has established a complete quality management system, and respectively achieved the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system along with ISO14001 environmental management system. Most products have passed the UN, UL, CE and CCC certification, and are in compliance with the RoHS directive.
The Jauch Group is one of the leading specialists for battery technology. Established in 1954, we are now one of the leading companies in the frequency control products industry, and a recognized expert on the future market for lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries.
We underline our claim to leadership with our in-depth technical consulting, high application, and certification expertise, advanced test environments and fast delivery of products.
We have invested in production facilities at our headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen to meet customer needs around the world in a timely manner.
A modern batteries assembly line for battery solutions with high technical requirements ensures the production of individual battery packs for medical, home and garden appliances, mobile phones, mobile transportation, and the automotive sector.
Our competent staff at our subsidiaries develop and sell pioneering technology solutions.

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