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Part no. SMD / PINS GAP-Width d Dimension L1 [mm] Dimension L2 [mm] Dimension L3 [mm] Number of Phototransistors Details

Pins 1.2mm 4.2 4 4 1 más >>


Pins 2.6mm 9.6 9 5.6 1 más >>


Pins 3mm 6.4 5.4 4.2 1 más >>


Pins 5mm 14 10 6 1 más >>


Pins 5.2mm 12.8 6.9 6.4 1 más >>


Pins 6mm 14 11.6 6 1 más >>

Photointerrupters are a smart solution for detection of rotation or linear movement of an object. The basic principle behind photo interrupters is well known to everybody who ever used an elevator: Interruption of a light beam is used to detect whether there is an object between the light source and the detector. Both are placed face to face at the left and right hand side of the elevator door.

The same principle is used for photointerrupters but on a much smaller scale. In most photointerrupters the light source is an IR-LED and the IR-detecting device is a phototransistor. This is the most convenient combination because the wavelength matches perfectly to the sensitivity characteristics of the photo transistor and the output signal of the phototransistor can be used in the evaluation circuit without additional amplifier.

Citizen Electronics (CE) is a Japanese manufacturer of optoelectronic devices. Citizen Electonics was founded in 1970 and is one of the first manufactureres of SMD-LEDs of the world. There is a sales office located in Frankfurt / Germany which supports direct and the distribution customers. The main product lines of CE are high power LEDs up to 180W, low power SMD-LEDs and optical sensor devices like reflective and transmissive interrupters.
Everlight Electronics Co. , Ltd was founded in 1983 in Taipei as a manufacturer for optoelectronic devices. Everlight was played an important role in development of LED technology and is nowadays  one of the  biggest producers of optoelectronic devices. Everligth offers a wide variety of devices like High-Power-LEDs, low-power SMD- LEDs, LED-Displays, photocoupler and IR-components.

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