Piezoelectric Sound Generators (Transducers and Buzzers)

Piezoelectric Sound Generators (Transducers and Buzzers)

The heart of all piezoelectric sound generators is a simple piezoceramic disc, consisting of a metal plate, glued together with a ceramic layer. If the disc is driven by an external oscillating circuit, the piezo sound generator is called piezoelectric transducer. If the disc is driven by a built-in oscillating circuit it‘s called piezoelectric buzzer.

The advantage of these simple structured acoustic components are their robustness and cost-efficient sound solution.
Piezo sound generators are the ideal choice for applications, which need a simple sound signal within a small frequency range, e. g. warning and control sound signals of kitchen devices, medical and health care products.

The dimension range of piezo sound generators starts from the miniaturized size of 11 mm × 9 mm × 1.7 mm up to ø 45 mm and covers sound pressures between low soft sound and aggressive noisy sound. The design of almost all piezoelectric sound generators is adjusted to meet the most popular frequencies in the range between 2000 Hz and 5000 Hz.
Operation temperature range is available from -40°C to +120°C. Standard voltage range is between 3 V and 12 V, in special cases higher, according to customers‘ demand. Piezoelectric sound generators are available with pins, wires or SMD pads.


Part Number


Resonant Frequ. (Hz)





  Part Number   Mode         Dimension        
Rated Voltage [V] Operating Voltage [V] Max. Rated Current [mA] Sound Output at 10cm [dB] Operating Temperature [°C] Resonant Frequency [Hz] Details
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Piezoelectric Transducer11.0x9.0x1.751...20173-30...+854100±500Info »
PDF, 147.2 kB »
Piezoelectric Transducer12.8x12.8x3.031...20175-40...+1054000±500Info »
PDF, 181.4 kB »
Piezoelectric Transducer16.0x16.0x2.531...25180-40...+1204000±500Info »
PDF, 385.8 kB »
Piezoelectric Transducer11.0 x 9.0 x 1.751 ... 20175-40 ... +1054000 ± 500Info »
PDF, 128.2 kB »
Piezoelectric Transducer12.0 x 12.0 x 3.031 ... 20175-40 ... 1054000±500Info »
PDF, 133.9 kB »
Piezoelectric Transducer12.0x12.0x2.731...20172-40...+1054000±500Info »
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Piezoelectric Transducer12.0x12.0x2.351...20180-40...+1054000±500Info »
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Piezoelectric Transducer14.3x14.3x7.431...20280-40...+1054000±500Info »
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Piezoelectric Transducer14.3x14.3x7.451...20280-40...+1054000±500Info »
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Piezoelectric Transducerø 17 x 6121...25390-30...+854000±500Info »
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